Medication Woes

For several years, I have been going on fairly happily with the same combination of medications. Not that this has prevented relapses, or even breakdowns, but the mix has helped me to be more stable than I might otherwise have been.

However earlier on this year I moved to a different country. In my new location, one of my medications – ironically, the one which helps me the most – is not usually prescribed for long-term use.

I find this hard to comprehend. Either a medication is dangerous when used long-term, or it is not. How can it be that the best practice on this medication changes depending on your geographical location?

Nevertheless, this is the siutation I find myself in. I did my best to work with my care team to find a solution to this situation which was mutually acceptable.

As a compromise, I stopped taking this medication on a daily basis (to keep my paychiatrist happy), but kept some of this medication in reserve for use on an as-and-when basis (to reassure me).

This isn’t working. My anxiety has slowly increased since I have come off the daily dose. Worse, because I am aware that there are concerns about my regular use of this medication, I hesitate to use it… when I really could use it. So I struggle on when I have acces to something which I know would help me… but which I feel awkward about using.

This can’t continue. I need some clear guidance. Either I can take this medication, or I can’t. And if I can’t, I need an alternative. Because right now, my anxiety is having a draining effect on my ability to live my life.

Most of all, it seems to me, there needs to be clear guidance on medications which is followed by physicians in all countries. A medication change should not be forced by a move.


3 thoughts on “Medication Woes

  1. I work for a pharmaceutical research company and every country has their own laws on drugs. I never thought of what it would be like to move to a new country and a drug be considered something different than it was in your home country. Hope you get it worked out!


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