Caring Support

Yesterday I posted about my struggles with my medication. Of course, this problem had got worse over the weekend. So this morning I was on the phone bright and early to my mental health clinic.

I wasn’t entierly sure I was phoning the right place. I am waiting to see a new psychiatrist, and I wondered if I was going to find myself falling through the cracks.

I got through on my second attempt, and asked to speak to my care coordinator. She rang me back (relatively promptly), and I explained the situation.

She was very sympathetic, and said she would speak to a psychiatrist and ring me back at some point in the afternoon, which she duly did. The psychiatrist had suggested splitting my evening dose of antidepressants in half, and taking half in the morning. This sounded like a good solution (in particular seeing as I haven’t met this psychiatrist yet)… but there was one problem. My stock of 100mg antidepressants are in capsule form, and can’t be cut in half.

So she went off to speak to the psychiatrist again, and rang back to say they would fax a prescription for 50mg tablets to my pharmacy. We discussed the need for me to have a prescription that would ‘last’ until my January appointment, and she promised to discuss that with the psychiatrist and ring me again when everything was sorted.

I feel reassured, by the time taken and the care shown. I may not get a new prescription until Wednesday now… but I feel better for the treatment I have received today.


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