Sharing Recovery

I am participating in a group on building self esteem. The topics are interesting (some more than others), and the peer support leaders do a great job. But for me, the best part of the group are the other participants.

We are all struggling. We are all struggling in different ways, and at times it is hard to grasp why someone else is finding a particular aspect of the session so difficult. But at the end of the day, despite our different labels and difficulties, we have this one thing in common: we are all fish-out-of-water in a mentally healthy world.

We have all been let down – by mental health services, by our co-workers, friends, even our families.

We are all struggling to find our way in this world… to identify a way of being which meets our mental health needs but also fits in with what the rest of humanity require from us.

We are united in our desire to make progress… and in our uncertainty as to if we can do this.

This creates a sense of camaraderie, of fellowship. The three hours we spend together once a week is valuable, not so much for the content or the progress… but for the sharing.

A problem shared is a problem halved, they say, and in finding this little community I have found a space where I have felt able to share my problems… even issues I have never really imagined sharing with anyone before.

Next week is our last session. I am already wondering how I will fill the space.


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