A Welcome Return

For various reasons, I have been unable to go to my voluntary job for several weeks. My anxiety flared up, then my medication was changed and I had problems with feeling very drowsy… and then I was getting anxious at the thought of going back after so long away.

Yesterday, I tried to go in. I got as far as the town centre, but then the anxiety started rising up again and I had to come home.

Today I tried again. I e-mailed my manager to let her know there was a problem, and suggested some adjustments. When I got in, she explained that she couldn’t do exactly what I had suggested, but offered a compromise.

It worked. I took things slowly, started off by having a cup of tea and a doughnut, before starting to pick up the threads of my work.

I stayed for a shorter time than usual, but I got all the way through, and the longer I stayed, the happier I felt.

I am now back at home, so pleased that I made it in, and managed to stay in, and feeling positive about going back again next week.

Little adjustments can make a huge difference. It was a big step to go back, but the fact that I felt listened to and that a small change was made, enabled me to overcome the anxiety.

Thank goodness for supportive environments!